Re: T1055: Avoid using deprecated %module-public-interface in guile initialisation. (issue1160044)

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Re: T1055: Avoid using deprecated %module-public-interface in guile initialisation. (issue1160044)

Patrick McCarty
Hi Ian,

On 2010/07/28 22:49:11, Ian Hulin wrote:
> On 19/05/10 23:42, mailto:[hidden email] wrote:
> >
> > I've tried testing your latest patch, but it fails on
> >
> > `make-rhythmic-location' (defined in clip-region.scm) appears to be
> > inaccessible from a \layout block.

> A new patch-set is available for review on Rietveld which fixes this
> problem.

Hi Ian,

I'll be testing your patchset shortly and will let you know how it goes.

Can you fix all of the whitespace changes (tab->spaces) you made in
these three files?  For example, the majority of diff for scm/lily.scm
consists of whitespace changes.

IIUC, we (developers) haven't reached a consensus about code style and
tabs vs. spaces, so I think the best thing is to not make large
whitespace changes that conflict with the surrounding code.  That is,
until we reach a consensus.


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