New Proposed Chapter 1 for Contributors Guide

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New Proposed Chapter 1 for Contributors Guide

Ian Hulin
Hi all,

This time with the attachment :-[ .

I'm just having a first bash at this, and I'm doing it using OpenOffice Write to produce what I want texinfo to produce, so I can concentrate on the content, rather than getting the texinfo source correct.  I did start trying with the texinfo source in emacs but my brain started overheating so I decided to do this in two stages.

This is very much a draft, some bits of text are placeholders [bits like this in square brackets], where I have put a header in and need something to remind me why it was there.

I realize there are some bits that could be removed and replaced by references to what's in the current CG, but the intention is to give the reader a slightly gentler lead-in to the document before beating them over the with the git, compiling the source, using texinfo mark-up language in emacs etc.

Carl, Graham, anyone else interested, please let me know if you think this is worth me working on further when I next get some more time for Lilypond stuff next weekend.


cg-intended-audience.odt (155K) Download Attachment