Lilypond SVG output / starting scm development

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Lilypond SVG output / starting scm development

Felix Kugel
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I am about to write a little tool which uses lilypond SVG for note
display. It's amazing how accurate lilypond's SVG looks!

I want to include more structural information in the SVG (note name,
voice info, MIDI info, ...). Technically, i would surround the note
head graphics element with <g> and then include foreign namespace
metadata as child element(s), this allows for more structure than just

I dug a little into framework-svg.scm and output-svg.scm. I need some
more architectural understanding...

1) How can I display the WOFF fonts? Firefox and Chrome displayed only boxes...

2) I would like to do all this on the scheme layer - is this possible?

3) The PDF output has lots of metadata, is this documented somewhere?

4) Where do the music stream events described in come in?

5) Where is the transition (scheme function) from NoteHead event to
the "glyph" information that represents the NoteHead, and what would
be the best point to elegantly hook into this translation?

6) What are the interface functions for other programming languages,
how is guile called in lilypond? Or, more general: Where are the
programming language boundaries in the lilypond architecture?

7) Can the lilypond executable be used in pipes?

8) I read not the whole, but parts of the docs - which entry points
would be best, related to my questions?

9) Same for code...

10) Is a generic XML API available for scheme? Writing XML in Strings
seems a little anachronistic ;-) (or due to performance issues?)

11) Where can i find the tools mentioned in 7.3 of ?

Thanks a lot...!