Bend implementation start on rietveld

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Bend implementation start on rietveld

Marc Hohl

I have uploaded a patch for bends. It provides a roadmap
with the summary of discussions and conclusions to the
not-yet-available implementation of bends.

As discussed with Carl, I will leave the announces for patches
on the frogs list for the next few weeks, until
a) there are major problems where I need hepl from lily-devel
b) the patch sets are close to being published

I'd go for (b) as soon as possible, but it's a long way to go.

For now, I hope that the basic principles are correct the way I
wrote them down. Please check for the files I changed. Are the
\bend command definition and the new event description correct?

And, of course, if somebody else would like to join in and work on
some issues here (Step 4 doesn't influence the string-bend-engraver,
for example), I would be happy to be supported in this task.
Thanks in advance,


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